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WoundClenz® OTC

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Century’s WoundClenz® (Sodium Hypochlorite 0.0125%) uses the same formula and is the same strength as Di-Dak-Sol® (including the 2-year shelf life). WoundClenz® features a trigger spray for easier application to wounds, making this an ideal solution for minor wound care and wound treatment.

WoundClenz® is independent third-party tested and found to be effective against variety of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, and resistant microorganisms. The resistant microorganisms that were tested include the most famous wound resistant bacteria, namely MRSA and VRE.

These resistant bacteria, MRSA and VRE, at the initial concentration of 1.8 x 107 or higher, were killed after exposure to WoundClenz® for only 30 seconds. The percent reduction or percent kill of MRSA and VRE, the resistant bacteria, were at least 99.99999% after 30 seconds exposure to WoundClenz®, which is Sodium Hypochlorite 0.0125% Topical Solution.

Additionally, WoundClenz®, like Di-Dak-Sol®, requires no on-site dilution or mixing. No worrying about risk of error upon on-site mixing. Simply apply directly to the wound to treat your loved ones or patients.

Each batch is tested many times to ensure its expiration date, so by ordering from Century, you’re assured consistent strength and quality from batch to batch.

  • Wound cleanser with Sodium Hypochlorite as solution preservative
  • Same formulation as Di-Dak-Sol® with 8 oz bottle and trigger sprayer for easy use
  • Trigger sprayer: Spray and Stream modes with optimum pressure to clean wounds
  • Science-based formulation and production
  • Proven to be Safe and Cost-effective
  • Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial. Fights against viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and molds – including resistant strains such as MRSA and VRE
  • Non-irritating, Non-cytotoxic, Non-sensitizing
  • No Antibiotics, No Alcohol, No Steroids, No Rinse Formula

WoundClenz® is suitable for use of treating a wide variety of wounds and infections but consult your doctor or pharmacist about your specific case or needs to choose the best strength of Dakin’s Solution suited for your injury or wound.

How to Buy:

WoundClenz® is commercially available directly through Century Pharmaceuticals as well as through Amazon and your preferred wholesalers.

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