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Q: Who uses Dakin's Solution®?
  • Individuals with diabetic and other types of wounds
  • Podiatrists
  • Surgeons
  • Wound care professionals
  • Hospital Pharmacists
Q: What type of wounds is Dakin's Solution® used on?

Dakin’s Solution® has been used for all types of acute and chronic wounds, including:

  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Venous Stasis Ulcers
  • Pre and Post Surgery Wounds
Q: What makes Dakin's Solution®, as manufactured by Century Pharmaceuticals, so unique?

No other version of Dakin’s Solution® is as stable or long-lasting as Century’s.

Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an FDA registered facility, has been in business since 1966. Our products are manufactured under current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). We are SQF Certified.
Consistent quality from batch to batch.

Extensive quality control and stability program: each batch is tested many times until its expiration date.

Dakin’s products and Di-Dak-Sol® are effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds (fungi).

Topical antimicrobial: effective upon contact; it does not need to rely on a patient’s circulatory system or systemic delivery. Effective locally, therefore less systemic side effects.

Q: How can I contact you or purchase your product?

We would love to hear from you. We have multiple points of contact listed here.

Q: How long does Dakin's Solution® last once the bottle has been opened?

Recently we performed a study that provides a high degree of assurance that once any Dakin’s product is opened it can be kept open for at least 2-3 months and still maintain its stability.

However, the bottle must be kept free of contamination while open, and must be stored at room temperature and protected from light, as stated on the label.

Q: Where can I find the Safety Data Sheet for Dakin's Products?

The SDS can be found here as well in the row of buttons below. All other technical documents are on the bottom of this page. If you’re having trouble finding what you need please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Q: Can my pharmacist compound or dilute Dakin's Solution®?

It is possible for a pharmacist to compound and/or dilute Sodium Hypochlorite, and some pharmacists continue to do so.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s probably more cost-effective to order it from Century; knowing you’ll be getting a product that:

1) Is manufactured under FDA’s strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

2) Can be delivered quickly; directly or through wholesalers.

3) Will last 12 to 24 months (depending upon the concentration of the product).

NOTE: If you dilute it yourself, you will not know how stable the diluted product is unless it is checked by a lab.

Also, please see the answers to the next two FAQ’s.

Q: How do I dilute Dakin's Half Strength® (0.25%) to make Sodium Hypochlorite 0.125%?

Add one part purified water to one part Dakin’s Half Strength® to produce Sodium Hypochlorite 0.125%. When diluting Dakin’s Solution®, the most critical factor affecting the stability of the diluted product is the purity of the water used in the dilution, including its pH.

The higher the water’s pH, the more stable the dilution should be. (This is true regardless of the type of purified water used – distilled, deionized, reverse osmosis, or sterile.) Current U.S.P. standards for purified water’s pH limits are 5.0 – 7.0.

Q: How long will diluted Dakin's Solution® last (if I compound it at my facility)?

Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. does not recommend diluting any of its Dakin’s products; and we cannot guarantee any results if diluted Dakin’s is used.

However, we are aware that some facilities choose to compound Dakin’s Solution® on site. In these cases, use the diluted product immediately after compounding.

Please keep in mind that the only definitive way to know the final product’s potency is to perform a chemical analysis. Century cannot provide definitive stability information on a batch of Sodium Hypochlorite that has been created or diluted using water from a source other than Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Q: Is diluted Dakin's Solution® commercially available?

Yes it is. Century’s diluted Dakin’s Solution®, Di-Dak-Sol®, is Sodium Hypochlorite 0.0125%. At one-tenth the concentration of Quarter Strength, it’s still very effective and comes with an established 24 month expiration period.

Q: How long does Dakin's Solution® last, when manufactured by Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc.?

Dakin’s Full Strength® (0.50%) lasts 12 months

Dakin’s Half Strength® (0.25%), Dakin’s Quarter Strength® (0.125%), Di-Dak-Sol® (0.0125%), WoundClenz® (0.0125%) all last 24 months.

Please view our stability information for more details.

Q: Why is Sodium Hypochlorite 0.50% called "Full Strength"?

The term “Full Strength” refers to the highest concentration tolerable to the skin, which is Sodium Hypochlorite 0.50%. Please read Know the Code for further information.

Q: What are the proper storage conditions for Dakin's Solution®?

Store at room temperature (20-25o C/68-77o F); Protect from light. Product loses potency if frozen or stored at high temperature. Keep container closed when not using. NOTE: Product may bleach clothing.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy Dakin's Solution®?

Although Dakin’s products do not require a prescription, please consult with your healthcare professional before using Dakin’s products.

Q: How is Dakin's Solution® used?

To prevent and treat infection of the skin and tissue; pre and post surgery; cuts, abrasions, and skin ulcers.

Q: How do I apply Dakin's Solution®?

Pour on or apply to affected area. For wound management, use as an irrigant, cleanser, or the wetting agent for a wet-to-moist dressing. Apply once daily for lightly to moderately exudative wounds. Apply twice daily for heavily exudative or highly contaminated wounds. Protect surrounding intact skin with a moisture barrier ointment or skin sealant as needed.

Q: If my Dakin's Solution® has expired, can I return it?

Unfortunately, you can not return Dakin’s Solutions®. Due to it’s relatively short dating, we have set up a “No Returns / No Credit Issued” policy which has been followed since Century started selling Dakin’s in 1982. This helps keep our costs the lowest in the industry. Also, we are willing to sell fewer than 8 pints per order, for a nominal break-case fee.

Stability Information

Typical Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions deteriorate quickly, especially when exposed to light, heat, or contamination with metallic ions. The United States Pharmacopeia, current revision, states that Sodium Hypochlorite Topical Solution has a shelf life of seven (7) days after the day on which it was compounded.

In contrast to typical Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions Century’s Dakin’s® and Di-Dak-Sol® products use high quality, purified water with low metallic ions; and the products are manufactured with special equipment, under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Due to this extra care, the stability of our Dakin’s® and Di-Dak-Sol® (Diluted Dakin’s Solution®) products are much longer than typical Sodium Hypochlorite Topical Solutions.

Product Shelf life based on thousands of stability studies performed in the past:

Dakin’s Full Strength® (0.50%) — 12 months Dakin’s Half Strength® (0.25%) — 24 months Dakin’s Quarter Strength® (0.125%) — 24 months Di-Dak-Sol® (0.0125%) — 24 months

According to cGMP, at least one lot of each drug manufactured shall be tested annually, until it’s expiration date, in order to verify the expiration date of the product. In contrast, every single lot of Dakin’s® and Di-Dak-Sol is monitored and tested until it’s expiration date; and not only once, but many times per year.

While it is costly to perform several stability tests throughout the life of each lot of Dakin’s® and Di-Dak-Sol®, Century has decided to monitor these products for total customer satisfaction.

We do not recommend further dilution of our Dakin’s® and Di-Dak-Sol® products, due to the fact that we cannot control the process, nor the quality of the water used for the dilution. Although we are aware some facilities dilute our products, we cannot guarantee the diluted product’s effectiveness, nor it’s stability. If dilution is necessary, the final product should be used immediately.