Consulting Services

Contract Manufacturing

Since 1966 Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has offered contract manufacturing services for manufacturing and packaging pharmaceuticals and other products, encompassing industries and partners of all shapes and sizes.

We specialize in the production of liquid products and take great pride in our complete start-to-finish manufacturing capabilities.

We are able to keep the majority of our projects entirely in-house, saving a great deal of time and money, providing you with the shortest turnaround possible for your product.

 Our 20,000 square foot plant complete with a lab, manufacturing, packaging, and warehouse space is more than capable of producing liquid products of the quality and quantity of your specific needs.

Whether you need product formalization, scale-up, testing, packaging or a combination of them all, we can help. 50 gallons or 600 gallons? Repackage or reformulate?  Small one-off order or large quantities annually? No problem.

Our track record is proven for a wide range of projects from the food industry, medical devices, hygiene, and skin care and even pet care, working with local and national companies.

Following an in-depth conversation and evaluation of your specific product requirements such as volume, necessary materials, packaging needs and a quote, we promise a kickoff of your project within a week of your first contact.

If you and your team are still in the early development stages, we also offer product development consulting services. Our team of experts are available to assist on the front end, bringing the concept of your product together before bringing it into our lab and giving it life.



Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of in-house, over-the-counter Dakin’s Solution® for wound care and treatment and other liquid healthcare products. We specialize in working with medical practitioners, patients and pharmaceutical wholesalers alike.

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