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Full Strength Is Not What You Think It Is

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of in-house, over-the-counter Dakin’s Solution, we typically receive a wide variety of questions. Many often ask about the different strengths of Dakin’s and why the percentages don’t necessarily match the descriptor....

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Diabetic Ulcer Facts

Diabetic ulcers are a common occurrence for those that suffer from diabetes. Regardless of age, gender or race; all diabetes patients are at risk. Although more common for those that suffer from diabetes-related conditions such as kidney, eye, or heart disease and for...

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What Your Wound Color Means

During the wound healing process, it can be difficult for patients to have an idea of how they are coming along besides just how the wound itself feels. One of the easiest and most common indicators of how a wound is healing is by examining the color of the wound....

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Outside Factors of Wound Healing

The seriousness of a wound and the way it is treated are without a doubt important factors of how a wound will heal. However, those alone are not the only determining factors. Many factors – both internal and external – play major roles in the success (or lack...

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Pressure Ulcer Care and Management

Pressure sores are a somewhat common injury that can occur for the elderly or patients who are wheelchair or bed-bound. These decubitus ulcers (or more commonly “bedsores”) are caused by constant pressure or rub on a specific area of the skin which severely reduces...

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4 Wound Care Myths Answered

As medicine, medical care practices, and treatment have evolved over the years different methods of wound care has come and gone, leaving a laundry list of wound care myths in its wake. Some of these perceptions about wound care have stayed true throughout the years,...

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