In 1966 Ross and Carol Deardorff started Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Indianapolis, manufacturing pharmaceutical tablets, liquids and custom healthcare products for pharmacies and hospitals around the Midwest.

However, it wasn’t until 1982 that Century Pharmaceuticals really made its name by manufacturing an in-house formula for Dakin’s Solution®, an antiseptic solution used to clean and treat wounds.

Available since World War I, Dakin’s Solution was never a commercial success because of the two-day expiration and lack of stability. Century Pharmaceuticals was able to formulate a way to bring the expiration from two days to one or two years, depending on the strength.

As pharmacists and healthcare professionals around the country experienced its effectiveness, the demand for Dakin’s Full Strength®, Dakin’s Half Strength®, Dakin’s Quarter Strength® and other products naturally grew.

More than 50 years later, Century Pharmaceuticals remains fiercely loyal to customers right here in Indianapolis as well as all over the world as ever, manufacturing all products good manufacturing practices (cGMP) the same way it did in 1966.

Since its founding, Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has worked hand-in-hand with healthcare providers, hospitals, hospices, private customers seeking to treat injuries or surgery and persisting wounds as well as companies seeking contract manufacturing.

Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of in-house, over-the-counter Dakin’s Solution® for wound care and treatment and other liquid healthcare products. We specialize in working with medical practitioners, patients and pharmaceutical wholesalers alike.

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