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Helping Wounds Heal®

Helping Wounds Heal™

Dakin's Solution®

Helping Wounds Heal

Our hope is that your wounds heal.

Many individuals with various types of wounds, podiatrists, surgeons, and wound care professionals have all used Dakin's Solution®.

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How long does Dakin's last?

  • Dakin's Full Strength lasts one year, all other Dakin's and WoundClenz products last two years. Store at room tempature.

How do I apply Dakin's Solution®?

  • Pour on or apply to affected area. For wound management, use as an irrigant, cleanser, or the wetting agent for a wet-to-moist dressing. Protect surrounding intact skin with a moisture barrier ointment or skin sealant as needed. May bleach clothes. More info here.

Why is Full Strength called 0.50%?

  • The term "Full Strength" refers to the highest concentration tolerable to the skin, which is Sodium Hypochlorite 0.50%. Please read Know the Code for further information.

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Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. manufactures four strengths of Dakin's Solution® and WoundClenz® OTC.
Routine stability tests are performed on Dakin’s Full Strength which lasts 12 months, and on all other strengths lasting 24 months.



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