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We are pleased to share the following customer testimonials: 

"Having chronic pressure ulcers, I'm a longtime user of Dakin's Solution.
In past years I made the product at home following the standard recipe, but I recently found that the sodium hypochlorite (Clorox) found in grocery stores is now adulterated with soaps, emulsifiers, etc. that make it impossible to test the resulting solution and obtain a useful working time. All the online recipes derive from one uploaded years ago which is now outdated.
I'm very glad to be able to use Century's formulations, which are incredibly stable and consistent. I use the 1/4 strength for inflammation stage wounds and the 1/40 strength once granulation has begun. Current clinicians accede to this, though so far I have not convinced them to avail themselves of the Di-Dak-Sol preparation.
I've found your representatives unfailingly helpful, and your shipping prompt. I would unhesitatingly recommend Century's products for at-home wound care."

- E.A., Massachusets

"Dakin's Solution is a staple in wound care treatment. Correct concentrations are imperative for successful wound healing. Century Pharmaceuticals' premixed Dakin's Solutions allow me to focus on treating my patients. Multiple strengths and light protecting packaging make sure my patients get the best quality product for their wound care. I recommend their products anytime I use Dakins for wound care." 

- Stephanie BSN, RN, CWOCN, CFCN
Louisville, Kentucky

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product.  I adore it.  And if it wasn't for a Physician's Assistant named Nathaniel, I still wouldn't have known about it. My story is that I have Lymphedema (which is in my case swollen legs).  Because of this, I get wounds that pop open out of the blue and ooze this mucusy liquid which make my legs burn and itch something fierce.  I was putting on Americaine to numb the burning, and anti-itch creams for the itching.  Sure, it would work for a short bit, but that was it.  Your Di-Dak-Sol got rid of the itching and burning and allowed me to live like a human being again.  Your product is absolutely God sent.  But the one thing that really gripes me, ( I do have a General Practitioner), and I went to see numerous doctors when outbreaks occurred, and not one mentioned Di-Dak-Sol.  It took a Physician's Assistant to finally help me, go figure . . . I certainly can tell that you put your best into making your products.  As you know, Lymphedema isn't curable, but thanks to Nathaniel and him telling me about your product, my Lymphedema will now be tolerable and livable and I can go on without the pain and itching, and finally had a wonderful night's sleep, yay!"

- Sue W

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How has Dakin's Solution® helped your wounds heal?

"After surgery on an infected tendon, Nina had a two and a half inch open wound exposing the active, moving tendon on the front of her left leg, stubbornly refusing to heal.
Her doctor tried several treatments, including a wound vacuum pump which she wore 24 hours a day for several months. However, the granulation tissue, necessary for a skin graft to adhere, would not grow.
Her doctor told her, 'Before we make the drastic decision to remove your leg, let's apply Dakin's Solution twice a day.'                                  

By her next appointment, granulation tissue was forming in the wound. The skin graft was a success and her leg was saved!
We are deeply grateful for Dakin's Solution and Century Pharmaceuticals."

- George R, Bluffton, IN

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