Helping Wounds Heal®


Who We Are


Mission Statement

Century Pharmaceuticals,Inc. (CPI) has been in business since 1966 with the mission to provide the best products and services (primarily pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food chemicals) fir iyr cstomers, while consistently emphasizing high quality at a reasonable price, returning a reasonable profit to stockholders, and providing a desirable working environment for employees. 

CPI consistently manufactures products that are safe. The facility operates under FDA regulations and HACCP based quality system program that is independently audited by third party institutions following Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) - Safe Quality Foods (SQF) standards. Under these rigorous standards, CPI Maintains many per-requisite food quality and safety programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices, Pest and Chemical Controls, Allergen Control, Employee Training, Product Traceablity and Recall Procedures. Finally, supporting quality programs are in place to ensure all products are manufactured to meet pre-established specifications.

CPI's employees are the company's most valuable asset. The staff is involved in all aspects of production, continuous improvemetn and system review programs. The employees are properly trained and understand the compay's value and commitment to manufacture products and provide services which meet or exceed predetermined standards; to do so consistently and reliably, and to respond to customer concerns.


In 1966...

Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. began as a distributor of prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals, primarily serving the Indianapolis, Indiana market. 
Soon afterwards, we began our manufacturing operations, by manufacturing tablets, liquids, and custom healthcare products for pharmacies and hospitals around the Midwest.


Since 1982...

When a hospital pharmacist requested that Century manufacture Dakin's Solution®, our mission to provide excellent wound care was born. As pharmacists and healthcare professionals around the country experienced it's effectiveness, the demand for Dakin's Full Strength® and Dakin's Half Strength® naturally grew. 


In September 2001...

With the cooperation of wound care professionals, Century developed a diluted Dakin's Solution®, called Di-Dak-Sol®, which was debuted at the Society for the Advancement of Wound Care 2001, in Orlando, FL.


In June 2006... 

Due to popular demand, Century's president developed another strength of Dakin's®. 
Dakin's Quarter Strength® is used with enthusiasm by podiatrists, surgeons, and wound care professionals across the United States.